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By alanmancs
#218693 I was discharged from bankruptcy after 12 months and an IPA was in place. I then lost my job and was on JSA for 3 months with zero IPA payment. I am now in work again albeit on a 50% salary reduction. I now have a new IPOQ to fill in and I have no surplus. My questions is - can or will the OR cancel the IPA for the remainder of the IPA period under these circumstances?


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By Ransid
#218714 Possibly

Some OR's might and others might look at your likelihood of returning to higher paid work in the period and simply amend/leave the IPA to nil at the present time.

It can only last for the max 3 years though so if they so follow the latter course then if the do review it upwards at some point it will still end when it's supposed to.

Send the IPOQ back and ask the question.

You have nothing to lose.
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By alanmancs
#218719 Thanks Ransid. You would think that after discharge issues with the OR would not bring back the horrors of the whole br procedures - but it does. :shock: