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By robb
#218653 Two weeks after discharge the company I've worked for for a couple of years had a major re-organisation and made about 15% of the work force redundant. I was expecting to be one of those made redundant but to my surprise they offered me a new, much more senior position within the company. I had done similar roles to this new one before, though not for a few years.

My employers were aware of the fact that I went bankrupt and never made a fuss about it. When they offered me this new role, they told me they had wanted me to do this new role a long time ago but not as an undischarged bankrupt. Now that I was discharged they wanted me to take on this new role, which I accepted.

Whilst this is great news in one respect, I've not told the OR that this has happened and whilst I know I don't need to tell the OR as I am discharged I wonder if I should as it does look that my salary has suddenly shot up by 60%. I'm now also working 5 days a week rather than 4 before so its not quite as big a jump as it looks. The person doing the role previously, who left to go to another job, was on twice the salary so can understand the attraction to my employer of getting me to do the job.

I have no IPA in place as my disposable income was £0.

So should I advise the OR of what has happened or just get on with my life?