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By whatwentwrong
#212321 Hi I have been looking through all your posts since just before my bankruptcy last April and I was discharged last November without any repayments to make :D And I have found your questions and more importantly your answers an absolute god send at times. I will try and post as much as I can and comment on any questions I have learned the answers to with many problems I have encounted with the OR and my own accountant.

I do have one little question though......... Does the Barclays cash card have a full on Visa card or is it Visa electron?

Oh and is it just me or does the Moon Beaver name remind anyone else about the card printing company that advertises on tv all the time :lol:

Again thanks to all out there for your help.
By Crunchynut
#212323 I <think> its a visa electron although others may have a different experience. I understood that Barclays weren't keen to make this account available though but you may find differently.

Moon Beaver sounds more like some American frat movie to me
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By opsins
#212338 I opened the cashcard account with Barclays recently and it's a full on VISA card.