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By hugehole
#212090 Does anyone know any companies willing to offer a discharged bankrupt a new mortgage. Currently I have one (upto date and paid) and am now looking to change my property.

Ideally, companies to deal with rather than brokers!

By mercgirl
#212114 Dont change from the lender you have. Ask them to "port" your existing mortgage over to the new property.Also if you are in a deal you can stay in it or have early repayment charges they wont apply. With the current market you will struggle to find a new mortgage.
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By pointer2null
#212817 Hugehole: out of interest what lender are you currently with?

My partner and I are looking to try and get a motgage towards the end of the year and any lender who will give a discharged BR a motgage is a useful thing to know.