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By dannyb1
#205079 Dear all

I had an account with british gas and moved house in April, its a very long story but it turned out after the gas meter was changed just before I moved out that there was a gas leak on the boiler in the loft and the engineer said it could have been doing it for ages as the gas was going straight out of the flew, ie no smell to indicate it was leaking and I was experiencing quite high bills, when the bill came it was quite high 311.00 for a quarter even after I had been paying weekly with the top up card. This was all during my bankruptcy, I was only discharged a few weeks ago. I opened a dispute regarding the bill which eventualy went cold when british gas didn't respond to a letter asking for my historical bills, which they asked me to write and ask for to send on to them.
Anyway......a debt collection agency have rung me tonight threatening all sorts so the question I would like to ask is, as I was bankrupt during the period the debt was raised can they actually take the matter any further.

Many thanks
By Iphigenia
#205082 From the financial point of view, unless the debt was in existence before you went bankrupt, then yes, you're liable for it.

I would still try and sort the dispute with bg, though, ask them to put the dca on hold until this historical matter is resolved.
By gardener
#205421 I am absolutely certain that if the matter is in dispute the debt collector can not step in and start chasing it. I had a problem with HSBC who never answered any letters and dealt with my queries by putting Lowells on to it. I wrote to Lowells and told them it was in dispute giving them a copy of my letter to HSBC and apart from acknowledging receipt of my correspondence to them I never heard from Lowells again.