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#141463 Can anybody help me please?

I've recently received my Equifax files and in the search information section under client name and search reason there are four entries titled'Consumer letter enquires'...What does this mean exactly,I'm mystified :?: Is this the name of a company perhapes :?:
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#141516 I believe this is where the lender has accessed your file to confirm your identity and confirm facts YOU have given them, in response to an inquiry / request / change / etc made by you.

So it is possibel to get these in the search section if you have contacted th lenders to sort your file out.

However I am not 100% sure, so it may be worth emailing them to confirm this.

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#141526 Thanks Tim,
I've been racking my brains as to why these searches appear in my CRF's and think that it might be Littlewoods.About two months ago I received a letter from them saying they had awarded me £15 towards the first purchase I made from their catalogue.I filled out a very basic form,sent it off to them and have since heard nothing.

I'll take your advise and contact Equifax + give Littlewoods a call as well. :)
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BERNIEFLINT wrote:'Consumer letter enquires'..:

I have the same entries around the time I sent them the letter informing of my discharge and also when requesting a paper copy of my file.
#141724 I think this is more to with when you i.e. the consumer queries data on the file. For instance if, like I've done in the past, I query an entry by a lender or ask why an entry is duplicated, then the CRA looks at your file for you and records a "consumer query" search. I don't think this is visible to potential creditors.
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