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#472573 Hello

I have just had my bankruptcy dissolved t least i think it is, i have tried getting info from the insolvency service who dealt with me but they don't tell me anything and ignore emails now, however i checked on the register and it states my bankruptcy is now dissolved.
I just checked my credit file to see what my score was and found 3 debts on there that were or should have been included in the bankruptcy still showing as default every month since i went bankrupt. How do i get these removed one of them i have never heard of Pco Holdco Sarl C/O Watch Portfolio Management, i imagine someone sold the debt on.

#472574 Hi carlsimp,
I am not quite sure whether you mean that you have now been discharged from bankruptcy or that your bankruptcy has been annulled. I am going to assume that you have been discharged from bankruptcy.

You say you can see 3 debts on your credit file that should have been proven in the bankruptcy - did you include them on your petition? Even if you didn't, all qualifying debts existing at the time of your petition should be proven in the bankruptcy.

All your debts proven in the bankruptcy should have a bankruptcy marker against them. Bankruptcy will be shown in the Public Record section of your credit record . It can sometimes take a few weeks for the entry to appear, but when it does, the date on it will be the date of your bankruptcy petition.

If it hasn’t already been marked as defaulted when you go bankrupt, an unsecured debt should be marked as defaulted with a default date of your bankruptcy petition. This can take quite a while to happen as the Insolvency Service has to inform the creditor who then informs the Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs). This marker will remain on your record for 6 years.

You can write to these 3 creditors and ask them to correct your credit file entry to show these debts are subject to a bankruptcy order.

Hope this helps
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