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#471438 Hi, I went bankrupt in December 06 and everything has been fine since.

I had a call out of the blue 10 days ago from from a company called "Arch Hall Limited" informing me I could make a claim even though I have been bankrupt in the past.

Thinking I had nothing to lose I said go ahead and sent the relevant details.

I should of read up before hand but the £££ signs flashed up in front of me but it seems I won't be able to keep any of the money if I do get any back?

What do I do now? Can I cancel the claim?

If I do get anything do I inform the OR and give them the money?
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#471439 Cancel it!

Even if they were successful in reclaiming this, they would BY LAW have to hand to over to the OR, and if they didn't the OR would come after this.

Please read this

http://www.insolvency.gov.uk/insolvency ... bankruptcy

You also need to cancel this as fast as you can, as any debt accrued because of this you will be liable for!

Sorry not to give you good news

#472385 HI I have started a claims process with these people, and I have had it clearly explained that if any monies go to the OR then there is no fee for me to pay, and I feel I have nothing to lose by progressing with the claim.
#472389 Hi sarah, but do you have evidence and facts to back this up? I have researched this and in most opinions it says the monies claimed MAY so to the OR but maybe not. I was bankrupt in December 2008 and discharged after 6 months, and my bankruptcy 'ofiicially' finished on the 01/12/2014 and is no longer on my credit file etc...

I imagine that even if the OR got wind of any monies being paid to me, they would just ask me to pay it to them, so I wouldn't spend any of the money until I was sure I wasn't going to be pursued for this. I would be interested to find out from anyone if they have successfully claimed the monies back and not had to pay anything to the OR. How does the OR find out for example?
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#472391 It is generally one of the things that the original creditor may inform the OR about as the debt went into the bankruptcy.
It is a gamble but as it is costing you nothing as the company have guaranteed they will not charge you anything if the money does get claimed by the OR then you have nothing to lose.
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