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#469073 ok friends, so i should no longer be a bankrupt from this morning. yippeeee onwards and upwards now.
hopefully my bank will allow me my online banking back. has anyone got any good advice for me from here on please.
have a great day peeps :D
#469193 thanks, it still says im bankrupt on the IRR register ?
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#469203 If you click on your name it will open the entry up, you will then see that it states you were discharged on xxxxxx date.

Your actual entry will be achieved 3 months from the discharge date.

But it really is a good feeling knowing that it is all over.

OK practicalities now (I know spoil sport), now to get the Credit Reference Files sorted,

So print of the Register Entry and contact the ORs office asking them to confirm in writing that you are discharged, OR contact the court where you were declared bankrupt and an obtain a Certificate of Discharge (Depending on your income that may cost you £70!).

Then follow the post bankruptcy link and start to get all the accounts that were included closed down correctly.

This will ensure that all the accounts will fall off your Credit Files on time, but more more importantly it stops the old accounts being sold on as 'live' open chase able accounts. So far the old open account being cashed that resurfaced was 16 years old!!

Doing a bit of paper chasing now can safe a lot of dealing with debt buyers in the future!!

The how to can be found here:


But enough of that now go and have a good weekend!

#469313 ahhhhhh bless you. very helpful. and very kind of you ;-)
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