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By Newbie
#466983 Good afternoon

I have searched the London Gazette and cannot find a record of my bankruptcy from 2007. There are bankruptcies from the same period so I am wondering why mine isn't there.

Has anyone ever come across this?


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By TalbotWoods
#467203 Hi Newbie

Sorry missed this one.

It is unusual for it not to be listed, and I am going to assume you have check all variations of your name spelling, etc.

On occasions a name gets missed off the Gazette, but this is very unusual.

To be sure, I would suggest given them a call on 0870 600 3322 and asking them to carry out a search on your name (remember it should exactly the same as on your bankruptcy certificate)

Don't worry they cannot add you to the publication, the only source of information they are allowed to use is form the court and Official Receivers notifications. If they have forgotten, then they cannot add it

By Newbie
#467223 Hi there

Thanks for your reply. I have done so many different searches including location etc and nothing comes up for me. There are no alternative spellings to my name and I have even tried with common spelling mistakes etc.

It is really odd because as you say this is very unusual.

My bankruptcy was 7 years ago and I want it behind me. But I can't quite believe I am not on the London Gazette.

Thanks newbie