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#116027 Big B was August 2000. Discharged under the old rules August 2003 and opened a Nat West Step Account (their basic bank account). September 2006 saw the last of my CRF entries vanish. October I applied to Nat West to upgrade my account. Declined as they had my bankruptcy "on their records" despite discharge and over 3 years exemplary account handling on my part.

So, feeling brave, I ventured onto the Lloyds TSB website last week. Applied for a Classic Account (their normal, free, "full service" bank account). No question asking about bankruptcy. Forms came through the post, returned and account opened. I await my Visa debit card and cheque book.

I feel like I have travelled a long way to reach this point. Stick with it, everyone, there is light at the end of that tunnel.
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#116034 good on ya mate..............well done, a "proper" bank account I reckon is the final step to putting it all behind you............well done again :D
#116408 Yeah good for you. Delighted to hear that.

I think the 6 year thing is interesting. Many BR people will have had a mortgage (which they pay and havn't defaulted on) during their BR, and have dealt with the beneficial interest with the OR years ago.

To all intents and purposes you will have an excellent CRF because you pay the mortgage on time and have no debt, default or judgements.

If you want to strenthen your credit record (but please think carefully) you might like to view my post in "after bankruptcy" section on the credit card from M&S which would also strenthen the record.

I am delighted to hear you have full facilities.
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