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By zAndy1
#102036 Hi all,
I've got a 2 yr fixed rate that finishes at the end of this year, going back onto the standard variable rate is going to bump my mortgage payments up quite a lot. We've had a letter from the building society informing us the deal is ending and to go in and discuss what we'd like to do (we're with Nationwide and could in theory go onto another fixed / tracker rate). My question (before I waste time going) is this, are we likely to have any problems going onto another fixed or discounted rate due to my bankruptcy? Does anyone have any experience of this at all? It looks like if we could change to another fixed rate that we could actually save money on our current mortgage payments which would help. Do they credit check just for a change of product or would they only do that for additional borrowing?

#102392 Hi Andy - doesn't time fly !

Assuming payments etc have been maintained and they are 'happy' with you at the moment then you should be OK, I don;t have direct experience of Nationwide as a mortgage lender, although you are in a strong position to negotiate with them. It would appear that they don't credit check for existing products, but I'd avoid the temptation to add to or alter it for a while !

Did you keep the plasma TV ?
By Mel_Odious
#102437 Yep, he did.
While Goldie lost her lappy.
Don't make sense does it?

#102444 Does any of it make sense ? I was refused an IVA that would have paid Creditors back 25p in the £ but was rejected, made bankrupt and 'assets' of £ 11,000 realised ( mostly equity in house which I couldnt remortgage before due to CCJ etc ) and a charge by the Trustee for working this out of ( you guessed it ) £ 11,000. So nobody got anything. And I didnt get an IPA. Bah.
By zAndy1
#102933 Yeah kept plasma, kept car, kept everything basically, even kept our house (thanks to my brother buying my BI). No IPA either. All in all it couldn't have gone better, still bloody skint now though!
#103463 Strange that nothing changes when nothing changes though is't it. :?