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By lodger01
#88169 Hi

Just after a bit of advice. I was declared bankrupt and was discharged. Although the OR applied for BRO, which was granted (A long one)

Just a quick question the hearing was not in the court but in the judges office. The BRO hearing had been going for 5-10 mins before the judge started to record the hearing (there was microphones placed on the table and a recording machine). Would this be wrong and maybe i can write and have the BRO cancelled due to procedure not being followed correctly, or something similar???

Also anyone know any websites with all the details/rules of BRO inc hearings and all that sort of stuff. I've already read the Govt's
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By TalbotWoods
#88172 Here is the link the the Civil Porcedure rules, which give the prcedures that are applied.

http://www.dca.gov.uk/civil/procrules_f ... m#IDAJ1AZC

Youhave the legal right to appeal, but again this will be in court or Judges Chambers.

I would assume that the necessary procedures in the Chambers were followed and that the intail part would have been the preamble which does not necessarily need recording. However, the salient parts would have been recorded, thus I doubt if you have a complaint on procedural grounds.

However, this is a very specialist area and there is no one here that will be able to answer this for you, so I can only recommend that you seek the advice of a solicitor.

By Iphigenia
#88182 That was an interesting link, Tim.

I knew that EA and 2004 came into bankruptcy procedures but I remember being slightly confused when my OR asked about things in previous years too. Some of it was related to a house sold in 2000, and I know the form asks about property in the last 6 years, but it seemed at the time that she asked about other things too.

Not that I've got any BRO-able behaviour in the years previous to 2004, you understand! (Well, imho anyway.....)