Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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ByPost Bankrupty
#62605 Hi everyone i applied for a cash minder account as advised by you guys :-) and the chap on the phone didnt think there would be a problem. Recieved a letter saying i had been declined ! i called in and spoke to an advisor who said nothing he can do !
The thing is i would be paying in over £2,000 a mnth so i cant see why not ? and alot of you seem to have got one ?
Any ideas ?

Thanks as always :-) :-)
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By Ange
#62608 Hi Brooke,

One of the most common reasons I've seen on this board for being declined a Cashminder Account is that the person is not on the electoral roll.

May be worth checking if you are or not, as that may be the reason why.

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By TalbotWoods
#62609 Hi Brooke

The Co-op 'normally' on turn down an account if:

You are not on the elecertol role (this can happen if you are not registered at a new address, it takes time for for the register to catch up!)

You owe them a lot of money (they were one of your creditors [or one of their subsideies such as Smile]

You have a fraud warning on your CRF (no bank will accept you if these are there!!)

There is a differnce in your address given and that held byt he CRFs, in which case they may not have been able to check you! (more common than you think, and this can be caused by the clerk tying the wrong data in!!)

Occasionally the clerk who does the intial application put you forward for a full current account instead of the basic cash minder account (definatly worth checking!)

Alternative bank for now is the Nationwide, but that doesnt have a debt card,!

ByPost Bankrupty
#62613 Hi Thanks so much for your replies.
I am definately on the electrol roll ! i never owed co-op any money ! it was definately the cashminder account because the letter stated that !
The address cant really be confused and it is correct on the letter ? How do i know if im on the 'fraud' list so to speak ? i have never done fraud in my life !!!!!!!
Do you suggest i go in to the branch ?
The problem is my daughters nursery will not take cash ! and it would be so much easier to pay by debit card for it once a mnth ! if not im going to have to get my mum to do it and then re-emburse her ! what a nightmare !
I got a few days off work so ill go round the banks end of the week me thinks :-)
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By Deus
#62616 Yes ive just double checked and triple checked that I am on the roll, worth doing i think.
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By TalbotWoods
#62617 Sometimes banks do things for no apparent reason at all, you are, unfortunately not the first (and no doubt will not be the last) to be decelined for no apparent reason.

It is alway worth getting hold of your CRF's (£2 Version) from the CRA's Experian and Equifax, and seeing what is there!! - It is possible that the information on your file is incorrect and neds sorting.

It is possibel that ther is a joint financial link that you are unaware of that is causing this!

In the meantime, if you look at the FSA guidance (PDF FILE) you can see who will and who wont take bankrupts:

By Mel_Odious
#62741 There was a Fraud flag on my address when I first moved into my Council flat. It is now no longer there, I guess because files now apply to individuals and not addresses.