Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By Iphigenia
#62531 When I had the quick phonechat with the OR last week, he confirmed he was happy for my Cashminder account to stay open. I already had confirmation from the Co-op that they were happy with that too.

Just in case there would be a problem, I'd drawn out all of my bill money and declared it as cash in hand for bills. No hiding it, just a question of having bill money ready in case they did want to freeze it.

I've got the electricity bill to pay now and I usually do it by BACS - saves the cost of a postal order, even the price of a stamp!

Is it ok to put the amount back into the bank for that bill and go ahead? I suppose I'm just looking for a little reassurance, it seems too good to be true to be able to carry on as normal.
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By Less
#62535 Be careful Iffy, people have reported being able to pay money in, but not take it out after the account has been frozen!

I would check again with the bank. the OR should inform them within 5 days of BR, so really they should know by now.

Perhaps a quick call to confirm that they have been informed and if so check that the Account is not Frozen.

Better safe than sorry!
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By TalbotWoods
#62584 Iphy

Most bills can be paid at the Post office (Fee Payable) or at the local branch of the bank they bank with (Normally free), or at any other bank (Fee Payable).

Worth considering for the moment?

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By Alibran
#62589 Not all bills are fee payable at the post office. Phone bills, council tax and water are usually free. I think it depends on who you get your gas/electric from as to whether you pay a fee or not. Ours are with SWEB and they are free, which is a good thing because we're making weekly payments at the moment to try and clear arrears. We try hard to support our local post office, so we pay everything there if we can.
By Iphigenia
#62596 Electricity bill can't at our post office - but there's a paypoint just across the road, I could go there, just being idle and wondering if I dare use the account..... Get my @$$ in gear and walk across the road, it'll do me good!
#62598 My Abbey account wasnt frozen but I wish it had been as its causing me loads of grief now :-(