Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By Confused 2
#62293 Today the post arrived......

They want my car!

I have 10 days to get a friend or family member to buy it for me and give them the money as well as send of x amount of documents.

Annoyed but still.

They want £1500 for it.

It needs new tyres and has no spare, it is dented and scratched but they still want it.

If I was to buy a cheaper car I would have to spend about £1500 on a decent run around anyway!

Even though I use my car to get to and from work which is 12.6 miles away they want it!

10 days! Not even 10 working days! I cant call them till Monday which will use up 2 of my 10 days! Cheek!
By Iphigenia
#62294 Dmn, sorry to hear that, you were worried about that on the day, weren't you?
Have you decided what to do yet?
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By Confused 2
Iphigenia wrote:Dmn, sorry to hear that, you were worried about that on the day, weren't you?
Have you decided what to do yet?

Yes I was!

Not sure what I am going to do - I dont think my friends or family have the money going spare!

What a crap way to start the weekend!
#62301 It seems ridiculous when you need the car for work, I thought the OR was supposed to be OK with that?

Is it worth £1,500 in the state its in, can you not get a garage to give you a price in writing for it and speak to the OR
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By Confused 2
Vanilla_sky wrote:It seems ridiculous when you need the car for work, I thought the OR was supposed to be OK with that?

Is it worth £1,500 in the state its in, can you not get a garage to give you a price in writing for it and speak to the OR

I know nothing is 'safe' but the fact I use it to get to and from work - I thought this would save me and £1500 isnt that much its a Ford KA for gods sake!

To be honest I think if I went to a garage or dealer they would say its worth a bit more but not much so I am happy with the £1500 that is all they would prob get at an auction - if that but its still a pain.

I will need to get a bus & train to work and it will add an hour to my day each way! At the moment I fly down the dual carriageway in 30 mins!

I am hoping someone in my family will buy it for me but its a pretty big thing to ask when I havent got the money to pay them back quickly!
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By Less
#62304 As previously stated in other posts, the OR's are clamping down on this now, and has been seen on here recently, take for example the single mother who now has to leave home at about 6.00 am to walk quite along way to take her child to nursery before she goes to work!

Added to this will be the fact of the value of the car, I would suspect that if it was only worth a couple of hundred quid the OR may have allowed it, however if it is the only realisable asset, which in alot of cases it is, then it goes I'm afraid.

Please try and be positive though, its £1500, against whatever the value of the BR is, which is alot more probably. It may seem harsh at the moment, but in the long run it will be worth it.

if you are going to contact the OR and contest it, it may be worthwhile working out the costs of Public transport to work, and use that as a possible reason to try and be allowed to keep it, you never know.
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By Confused 2
#62306 Thanks for the reply. I know they are clamping down and others on the forum should be aware of it when going into Bankruptcy. I thought my car would be 'safe'

I went BR for £27k and so £1500 is nothing really, its just the hassle and change that not having a car will bring.

The OR said that she will work out a route for me to get to work and the cost and so if no one can buy it then I will get her to do this for me. I prob could but if they want it its the least they can sort out!

Have to go and see Mummy and Daddy today I think!!!
#62314 Just remembered when we spoke to the OR we were asked what time OH started work, he starts at 6.30am and would have to get 3 buses to work and it would take 90 mins on 3 buses and he would have to set off at 5am and the buses dont run here till 5.30 so maybe thats why we got to keep our car, also cos we have a disabled daughter
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By Ransid
#62316 I get the distinct impression that where there is a good local transport network (eg London) and where it's just a convenience and time saver to drive the Or's are being much stiffer about whether a car is "necessary" or not. this is the operative word in the legislation as to whether it's deemed exempt or not (ie you can keep it). If you're rural but in the same situation I think it's a lot easy to hang onto it.

The other thing to consider is making an applicaiton for review by a judge (s303 of the Insolvency Act) but I'd be cautious about doing that and woudl recommend taking advice first.
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By bernieflint
#62339 Sorry about the car.
I'm unemployed at the moment but the OR strangely still let me keep my car. I just told her that it would greatly increase my chance of getting a job if I was able to keep it.On the otherhand though she wouldn't let me keep my laptop, metal detectoor and bottle collection.I purchased the laptop and metal detector back directly by making an offer to the agents.To get my bottles back which I had stated were worth £80 on my soa,I attended the auction and got them back for £12.00.By the time the auction house takes it cut I wonder how much the OR is going to get ?The whole business was a complete farce and joke.

Each OR seems to have their own set of rules and work differently from other OR'S.
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By Shameless
#62343 I think thats disgusting.

I would play hell with them surely its a tool of trade if you work so far away
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By Confused 2
#62398 I met up with one of my friends last night and she said she would buy it for me!

I am still in shock! I cant believe she would do it for me, she is one of my best friends but she is 8 months pregnant and just bought her first home and is buying a new car herself so she needs all the money she can get, she said its from her personal savings not the 'family' money and so both her hubby and her are fine with it!

I am so pleased!

I am going to call the OR tomorrow tho and ask where the auction would be and if I was able to attend it as I am sure the car wouldnt get £1500 at auction!

I also need to know how my friend would purchase it but Im over the moon - still lightly annoyed that thats £1500 I will have to repay my friend at some point and £1500 I dont have now!
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By TalbotWoods
#62401 Hi Confused.

Dont assume that the OR price is correct, at auction the car could go for a lot less!!!

Try offering the OR between £750 and £1000 for cash

If not attend the aution and hoepfully buy it back for a lot less, if it does then go for more at least there are other cars you can bid on.

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By chillychicky
#62410 bad luck about the OR but that's fab about your friend! You certainly find out who your friends are in these situs. :)

Just out of interest are you likely to get an IPO/A??

I remember when I first sought help in 2004 & there was a general feeling of "the OR will never say you can't have your car & have to walk to work" but maybe that is now changing........ Unfortunately (at the risk of sounding like a stuck record) I think all debt solutions & how you are treated depend a lot on your circumstances which is why it can be so hard with the "what will happen to this" type posts. I know of an OR who only allowed someone to put in their I&E their exact petrol money based on their journey to work which seems very harsh to me & a CCCS advisor who wouldn't allow someone to "hide" 1.55 pw into their I&E for a copy of Heat.

I suppose as more & more people seek B/IVA/DMP, decisions like this will become more common.
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By Alibran
#62446 Be careful when assuming your car won't sell for much at auction. Ford Kas always seem to sell well, despite there being loads of them around. We've got a Ka2 and a 2.0 Mondeo in our household, both low mileage and both the same age, and the Ka is worth around twice as much as the Mondeo. It doesn't make any sense to me because I'd choose the Mondeo any day, but that seems to be the way it is.