Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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#42662 Following the collapse of my business last year I was declared bankrupt by the Revenue in October 2005 resulting in the loss of the famlly home and ultimately the break-up of my marriage.

I am still finding it hard to cope with all the changes to my life and the shock of a) business failure, b) bankruptcy and c) divorce.

I really need to get my life back on track but I feel very down remianing in the thick of it here in the UK. To cut a long story short i have been offered a job in South East Asia with a good salary, accommodation and the co. has begun applying for a work permit for me.

I am tempted to go but how do i stand with say any excess income and an Income payment order etc. I just figure that I am really up a gum tree in the UK with the OR looking for an excess salary and my ex-wife's lawyer after me for future income. How the hell can i re-establish my financial future with that lot in the background let alone ever contemplate owning property again.

So my question is how do i stand with the OR about my income abroad? I am technically outside of UK Inland Revenue taxation so the OR may not be able to grab back my tax. Does anyone have any ideas? I really just want to start a new life, if only for a few years until my head becomes clearer. It's a big move but i feel it's the right thing to do at the moment until life becomes easier. I do not even have a bank account here in the UK as i have been unable to open one due to being an undischarged Bankrupt.
#42729 You have to inform the OR of any change of circumstances. What the OR does then, nobody can second guess.

You should've had no problem in opening a Co-operative Bank Cashminder account.

#42736 we're due to go B in April and then emigrate to canada... we have spokent po various legal/advice people and they have said that you do your I&E as it is at the OR interview and then if change in circumstances and if abroad, just pay as normal as they have bank accounts etc you can pay into... that said they only take 50% of excess over £100 and last time we did an income & expenditure we were -£83 anyways...

edited to add - we've been told aswell that our B status matters for nothing in canada as we are employer sponsored etc for visas/banks etc....
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