Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By S&M
#31297 I have it on fairly good authority that the current figures for early discharges are as follows:-

- 51% of debtors receive an early discharge

- The average period in bankruptcy for those debtors who receive an early discharge is eight months.

In addition when the "term" has reached over 10 months I understand that the Official Receiver tends not to bother with early discharge as there is only two months to run and it takes almost as long as that to deal with an early discharge.

Another thing worth bearing in mind - one of the firms that deal with a large number of bankruptcies oppose an early discharge when they are Trustee and the debtor is not co-operating - this apparently happens on about half their cases.

I would suggest that it is likely that the type of cases they are dealing with may involve non consumer debts cases but clearly however the debt was incurred it pays to co-operate with your Trustee if you want an early discharge.

Hope this is of some assistance.