Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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#31270 I just thought I'd ask this question out of interest!

Has anyone missed a payment towards their IPA, especially if they're paying through Clarke Willmott? I just wondered what steps they can take (or have taken if anyone knows) in the circumstances. Also there was some dispute a little while ago and some "professionals" here thought the methods at the ORs disposal after discharge might not be sufficient to force the payments.

I always used to get acknowledgement letters from Clarke Willmott when I sent in my cheque but these have stopped. I wondered if all the new Bankruptcies meant that even they are having trouble keeping up!

Anyway, anyone know?
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#31298 I have an IPA with Clarke Wilmott for the tax.

I had a problem recently in that my wages are being paid into my partners account and we tried to set up a standing order and finally were told that his account did not support standing orders. We eventually sent three months payment in one go. I phoned Clarke Wilmott just to let them know the payment had been made in cash directly to their account and got the impression that it hadn't been noticed. I did not receive one chasing letter.

BTW, I also asked them to send out a paying in book but haven't received that either. Mind you, its only been a week!
#31301 Don't talk to me about Clarke Wilmott!

I've phoned them on several occasions, and every time I've been put through to the wrong departments, cut off...etc etc. While I was bankrupt they once sent me a nasty letter (in error) accusing me of not paying one month.

It wasn't so much the fact they'd sent the letter in error, it was the fact that when I phoned them about it (that is, when I FINALLY spoke to the right person after being put through to the wrong departments AGAIN!) they just said the letter had been sent in error - no apology, in fact they were rude.

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