Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By fraggle
#209227 Well, I've had a bit of a runaround with trying to open a bank account. First of all I went into my local Barclays branch and applied for the basic account. It was going well and because my details already on their system it didn't take too much time to complete. The lady said I would receive details of the new account through the post in a couple of weeks. I waited and waited but 3 or 4 weeks went by and nothing. I popped into the branch yesterday and asked the same lady what was happening and she said that I had been turned down because barclaycard was one of the people I had included in my BR. Oh... :shock:

So, I have telephoned co-op today to open an account (at least I owe them nothing) and hopefully fingers crossed they have accepted me for the cashminder account. :D
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By opsins
#209267 Is it safe to open a basic account with Barclays if you had debt with them in the bankruptcy? Could they potentially offset the loan I owed them against money in the account or are they not allowed to do this?
By wellshgit
#209290 I am fairly new to this, but surely if your debt with them was included in your bankruptcy, then it no longer exists, so they cant take money for a loan that doesnt exist?