Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By tinyjeff
#209096 HI all ,can someone please help.
Both my wife and I went br in July 07,we recently had a I and E forms to do ,which we did in good time.I was expecting to have to pay something as I am now working and wasn't went we went br.
Today we both got the same letter from the OR stating that he is going to apply to be released as Trustee,please could someone explain to us what this means...????
Thank you in advance for any replies...
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By MrsT
#209122 OR has finished with you and you are being put forward for early discharge!! (Still need to notify of changes to circumstances until actual discharge comes through though.)

Keep checking your details on the insolvency site -
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By Ransid
#209139 see this thread


All the best