Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By alanmancs
#209038 Hi, hope you can help - I've just received a one-off bonus of £500 in my end of Jan pay packet and I've just spoken to the chap at the RTLU who says he thinks he might have a call on all of this amount. I thought that they don't take a bonus off you but are only concerned with regular monthly income.


By indy2005
#209047 Hi,

I just came out of a BRO meeting (which was 2.5 hours of unadulterated joy), and I asked at the end about bonuses. He said because I received the bonus during bankruptcy I should declare it and they take some but not all of it. He also said, that next year I wouldn't have to declare it because it was received after discharge. I questioned this as I though I had to declare changes in income, and he said that that particular clause was more to catch people who pay £5 a month and then get a much better job and could be paying hundreds in...and that my IPA is likely to stay as it is for 3 years....!?

By Sonic_sk8
#209702 OP - are you discharged or not? If not, then I think the rules are you have to delcare bonuses. They're not interested in payrises inline with inflation etc but want to know about 'lump sums'. As it goes when I was bankrupt I had a £500 bonus, I told the OR about it (and gently pointed out that the cost of living was going up, etc etc) and they let me keep it.

If you're discharged as far as I know this is still a 'grey area', but personally I think you should be safe to keep stumm. As the other poster says it seems the only reason they'd check up on you is if they suspect you're suddenly really loaded and could afford to pay more towards your bankruptcy.