Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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#201835 Hi everyone, not been on site since July. In a nutshell - went BR on May 6th owing over 100K, interview 23rd May, made redundant end of May. Moved in with partner 10th June and started new job 16th June and got married 15th July. phew!!

Interview just went through where all the money had gone, assets etc., but OR said no point in discussing I&E until in work again and income & outgoings established with new job and home. OR agreed to waiting until I had 1 or 2 paypackets - which is end of this month - so that accurate IPA could be determined. Not spoken to OR since end of June and haven't mentioned getting married.

I intend to tell OR that bills being paid 50/50. The question is will I have to the changes are more than just income and outgoings - I now have a new 13 yr old stepson - can I make allowances for expenses for schooling etc in my I&E as a new dependant and will I have to fill out a new SOA? I'm getting nervous again after 2 months of relative calm :shock:


#201839 congrats on you marriage,
i got married there in may

not too wise to all this debt stuff as i am going through bankruptcy myself, but if you stepson lives with you i would imagine that he would in some way be a dependant
#201863 I am sure you will have a new IPOQ to fill in and if you are going to be responsible for expenses for your stepson you'd better put them in. Congratulations by the way.
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#202084 Hi All,

Do I have to tell the OR I got married? They know that I moved in with my partner in June this year?


#202731 call in request IPOQ

marriage appears to make no diff based on what you say, yes mention it, nothing to lose.
(just in case future asset considerations etc)
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#203492 Have now got my IPOQ to fill in and have some questions which I'd like some opinions on:

Form asks for how much partner contributes each month to the household expenses. In my instance that's nothing as my wife owns the house with no mortgage.

I give £600 per month for monthly housekeeping (utilities,council tax, food, broadband, phone), the bills are split 50/50. I have a stepson and I'm not sure what to put in my outgoings as wife takes care of much of that. Do you also think that I should put down a notional sum for rent within the outgoings?

Should I also break down the other categories on the IPOQ and give explanations of individual expenses?

I know I'm probably worrying about nothing, thanks for your help.

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