Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By skintdom
#201832 Hi there, have only just found this site which may prove to be my saviour in the coming months!

If anybody has any experience of the below situation, I would be really grateful for any opinion.....

I declared my bankruptcy in May 2008 and am therefore due for AD in May 2009 unless I am lucky enought to get ED in November.
I am not in an IPA as I don't have enough spare earnings, but i do pay what I would usually pay in income tax towards my bankruptcy( i was given an NT tax code for this purpose). I have not heard anything from any BR officials since my initial OR telephone interview except a letter to sort out my NT code and beginning of my payments. So hopefully this is a good sign that they have not come across any complications or queries....

My predicament is that I am thinking of taking two weeks unpaid leave from work in order to go to away in September ( this will of course be paid for by a friend given my lack of finance!).My parents have kindly agreed to cover the remaining ammount of my wages to cover my bills while I am gone.

My worries are :

Will the OR find it acceptable for me to take unpaid leave during bankruptcy?

Will the OR have a problem with my trip being paid for or with my parents helping me out with bills?

How will the 'tax' payments work, as I will be earning only half my wage that month, I would therefore only be due to pay half the ammount of tax too. So the payment towards BR would be only half of its usual ammount?

I am also really worried about whether this might affect the possibility of an early discharge...

Thanks in advance for any response :-)
By gardener
#201860 Hello skintdom

Holidays are not frowned upon and neither is the fact someone else is paying for it. I had to take a 4 month break from paying my IPA so I'm sure the OR won't miss you for two weeks. Re the tax - well, I think that's just the way it is i.e. the OR's department gets less that month. Can't see how it would effect ED in any way.
By gardener
#201861 Forgot to say you could let CW know in case the computer upsets you with a cross letter.