Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By jiya27
#201648 I last paid my unsecured debts (cr cards + Store cards) about 3.5 yrs ago (April 2005) and left the country to avoid a complete collapse. I can understand after another 2.5 yrs, it will be 6 yrs since my last payment was made to a cr card company.

1. Technically the cr card people have 6 years to file CCJs against me (ie from May 2005 till Apr 2011). If they choose to file ccj etc against me in say , Dec 2010, does it mean i have to wait 6 yrs from that date to get my credit file automatically clean or does it mean 6 yrs from my date of last payment , my cr card file are automatically clean? pls advise

2. In 2007,I request a Morality certficate from Police in UK and it came clean? Does that mean i have no ccjs?

3. The INdidual Insolvency Register does not show my name, does it mean I am not bankrupt?

4. Is ccjs much softer than being bankrupt?
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By Yogi Bear
#201657 Answers:

1. A CCJ remains on your credit file six years from the date of the judgement. So a CCJ granted in Dec 2010 would stay on your file until Dec 2016.

2. No. A Morality Certificate only covers criminal offences: debt recovery and CCJs is a civil matter.

3. Assuming the search was made using the correct details, it means you're not currently bankrupt.

4. "Softer" isn't really the right word to use. CCJs cover single debts individually and remain valid indefinitely (until they're paid). A bankruptcy covers all qualifying debts and comes to an end once you're discharged but it's a more fomal process and there are greater restrictions on what you can and can't do.