Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By Titanic
#194767 Hi all

Can anyone answer these questions for me pls? I owed the IR approx £1150 which went into my br, yet oddly I have been offered ED :?
I gotta say I didn't expect that but are they (the IR) likely to put the brakes on me getting an ED? This week they just sent me an 'Employment Record' form which just needs my work history for the last few years and knowing how slow they work could mean I get AD before ED... oh well! I sent all my pay-slips to the OR but oddly only half came back!! Where the other half sent to the IR? and if so, why??

Also, once AD or ED is granted can it ever be revoked or removed and br status re-instated?

I know im probably over-worrying but you know how if you think bout it too much it starts to bother you :|

Any TAX bods here pls feel free to pm me and put my mind to rest 8) :)