Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By dieselc
#469053 Evening all.

we received a letter today and we are not quite sure what it means.

it reads;
Dear Blah blah.
i refer to the bankruptcy order made against you on the 1st of oct 2013 and write to inform you that i intend to apply to the Secretary of state for business, innovation and skills for my release as trustee. a summary of my receipts and payments as trustee is enclosed for your information.
if you are not already discharged, my release as trustee will have no effect upon the date of your discharge from the bankruptcy.
yours sincerely.

im reading it, that this is a standard letter sent out to say that they have done everthing that needs doing, and it doesn't mean that we are being discharged early.

regards in advance for any replies.
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By JaneClack
#469063 It certainly does. It is a basic bread and butter letter saying they have done all the investigations they need and therefore their services are finished!

Good news.