Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By dieselc
#464363 evening all.

5 months in since we went bankrupt. and never been happier.
extra money at the end of every month for a little treat is wonderful. :D

the OR didn't ask of me an IPA.
rather she agreed an amount of money i would normally pay in tax.

i explained to the OR that over the christmas period i am expected to work overtime. the OR had no problem with this.

i didnt pay any tax on my january pay. and wont till april.


because the OR agreed an amount to pay, it means i didnt pay tax on any overtime i worked.

to see; tax paid £0 was a wow moment.

and the extra from my overtime was and is a massive helping hand. ive just paid my car insurance in full. rather than monthly. :shock:

however.......knowing the tax man like we do. :cry:

after april, will mr taxman try and claw back what i haven't paid for the last couple of months??

thanks in advance.
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By TalbotWoods
#464403 Unless HMRC has notified your employer that a NT Tax code is in effect until April, if there is any tax to be collected the OR will calim it back from HMRC.