Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By petext
#462473 hi, how will i know when im discharged, went bankrupt in april 2013. is there a way to find out if i am already. or will i get a letter. thanks 8)
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By TalbotWoods
#462483 Hi

Blimey doesn't time move quickly!

You can check your current status by using the online register

Select "By name"
Select "All Offices in England and Wales"
Select "All Courts"
Click Go

Enter your Surname (last name)
Enter your Forename
Click Start Search

Click on your name
Come down to where it says "Insolvency Case Details"
Then find "Status"

And that will tell you the status of your case.

Nearly all cases now run for the full year now, so it may well be that your name will be there until 3 months past your discharge date, put the status will update to Discharged on xxxxxxx date

Normally they also write to you, BUT that doesn't alwasy happen, it depends on the Office, the work load, if the Printer is working, if the clerk actual is au fait with what to do, etc..