Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By greaves1983
#461603 I recently declared myself bankrupt back in November 2013. After going through my interview with the official receiver I agreed to pay back by disposable income every month for 3 years. I also with the help of my family submitted an offer to buy my car from the bankruptcy. The forms came through and I signed everything as I was supposed to do.

The questions are – its 7 weeks on I haven’t heard anything, I haven’t been asked to make any payments and I haven’t received a response relating to my car. I contacted the OR a week later about my car and was informed they needed to do some research first.

I have done everything I was asked so I don’t see why I should be the one pushing this along. Does anyone have any advice? Do my payments run for 3 years from the date of my first payment or for 3 years from my bankruptcy?

Many Thanks
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By TalbotWoods
#461643 Hi and welcome

I can be annoying when the IS takes it time, but this is due to the huge amount of work they have to do with even less staff than before. Believe me it has been worse, a lot worse!

OK first things first, please consider the car issue totally separate to the IPA, the fact that they inferred they looking at this further means that it hasn't progresses off one desk to the other one yet!!

Normally the IPA will run for 36 payments from the time they first ask for payment, so you need to chase this down. I would suggest you contact the ORs office either by email or written letter, just to cover you.

I would also suggest you also emial or write re the car, again to cover yourself.