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By lemonade
#309503 can u help re bailifs charges?

I got coucil tax bailifs on my back - i have paid all the years council tax to council. didint ppay bailifs as it seems unreasonable - asked for schedule of charges. They are chariging levy fee, ans attendance with van - they have never been in my house - i have signed nothing. They seem to thing they leveyed on car - dont know whose or regn no or anything as they didint detail this to me. Asked them for details - I am happy to pay for 2 letter - but an not willing or going to pay for levy & van - I have no levy inventory - maybe not even my car. What will the outcome be - will they take me to court?
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By JaneClack
#309533 Yes, technically they could but councils do not usually accept payments if the debt is still in the hands of the bailiff so sounds as if it were handed back - and if they have not come in, they could not have levied and the fact they do not seem to know about your car etc makes it sound iffy.

Report them to Trading Standards and also contact - there is a charge for this service but the people know their stuff and it is how they earn their living - and have helped lots of people.

Let us know how you get on there!