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By desperate dan
#224364 hi all
after setting up a d.i.y dmp several months ago and having letters of confirmation back from my creditors, i received a letter from scm solicitors re lloyds c/c last week claiming despite several reminders that if i don't pay my c/c bill within 14 days court proceedings MAY be instigated against me without further reference ? then the rest of the letter is cut up c.c card etc etc if you can't or struggling to pay phone this number blah blah, so i rang the number on the letter as instructed guess what put my c/c number into the phone and the lovely computer lady tells me my account is not under collection control and to ring back lloyds tsb. so i ring the other number on the letter if i wish to discuss the payment arrangement guess what the nunber on the letter after taking 45 mins to get through is a travel claims insurance company which is nothing to do with lloyds tsb or scm solicitors and the guy who picked up the phone call was just as baffled as i was. what sort of organastion are lloyds turning out to be, i really hope they do take me to court
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By Gazza1912
#224474 Is this in the correct forum? :roll: