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By immi1
#220232 hi this is the first time on here i moved to gb about 15 years ago from finlandwhilst in finland i had a student loan whivk i never repaid now in england i have received a letter from a debt agency in finland asking for 20000euros i now have a house in gb with my husband who is worried sick received a letter today saying an old finnish bank account has been seized national debt helpline dont really know except tell us that bailliffs cannot gain entry but i dont want it to get that far any help please thanks
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By JaneClack
#220240 I am not sure about how debts travel from Finland to the UK but I have a Swedish friend whose student loan caught up with her in Portugal via Aktiv Kapital and she has made arrangements to pay at a rate she can afford.

If Tim could put this also in the world-wide section perhaps someone else could answer.