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By goodhenry
#218628 I have recently moved to the USA. I currently have a couple of credit cards in the UK with about £5000 on them. I am paying for them with an overdraft which will run out soon. When this happens I am worried about what will happen.

Both are from a major UK high street bank which is also the bank where I have the overdraft.

I have recently moved to the USA and gotten married. My wife is currently supporting me while I try to get my life together.

I am worried that my creditors will pursue me and try to recover their losses from my wife. She owns the apartment we live in and I am worried they will come after her.

It was with great regret that I found myself in debt, it is not something I am used to.

My last address in the UK was with my brother and I am also worried the credit card companies will come after him or try to recover their losses against him.

My wife doesn't earn much and until I am working we are living on the breadline. we barely keep our heads above water from week to week. we struggle to pay the mortgage on the apartment.

What can I do to to at least delay whatever might come next?

If I could find a way to keep things rolling along for another year I will probably be able to pay off my debts once I have found employment.

I also have a student loan debt and do not know what to do about it. I am guessing its not much of a problem for now and thought that I could come back to that particular problem at some later date. Then again I am worried it will bite me too, later on down the line.

Please offer me any advice you might have.
By debtone
#218648 Student loan you can fill out a deferment form and defer till you can pay that. Yur credit card debts are your's alone and they will not come after your wife or brother however your brother might get phone calls if you used his land line phone as one of your contact methods otherwise will just be tons of mail in the post.

£5000 is not alot (i owed £30k back in 2008!) and i would advice you call your cc companiues explain the situation and ask them to freeze the interest and also payments for 6 months until you get yourself a job and can start paying down your debt. Calling in advance and explaining the situation you may find your best option.