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By notout
#218423 hi

there is a section in the home page about moving abroad. it mainly covers those who leave debts behind them, but some of it may be applicable to those who go bankrupt before. eg, if court orders can be enforced in Australia. (you need to clarify your situation, you say you live in Ireland, but mention returning to the UK. Do you live in Northern Ireland and have debts with British/UK companies?

In general, any assets you have will be taken by the official receiver to be sold for the benefit of your creditors, and your bank accounts will be frozen for a while.

Bankruptcy isn't as step to take lightly and you need proper advice about it, esp about the situation when you leave the country.
By notout
#218534 why delete your post?
i just came across other info that may have been relevant to you, but without seeing your post I don't know if it is.

also, you may have got other replies and those replies may also have been useful to others reading your thread at a later date.

perhaps admin should remove the thread as it serves no purpose now