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By manie
#217527 Hi

Do anybody know the prescription time (after which the debt can no longer be claimed by the creditor) in the case where the debt consists in tuition fees ?
Thanks in advance for ur answers.
By notout
#217539 what kind of tuition fees? private piano lessons, fees paid direct to a college?

In most cases, a debt becomes Statute Barred after 6 years from the last payment or written acknowldgement of the debt by the debtor (England, Wales & Northern Ireland, don't know about Scotland) but I don't know if your fees are different.

The Office of Fair Trading say
"A debt is considered Statute Barred if a creditor has not contacted a debtor for a period of 6 years and no action has been taken on the account."

The relevant legislation is called the Limitation Act. You can see it at
but wikipedia has a good summary
By manie
#217542 Hi

Thanks for your answer. :)

I was talking about fees paid to a college.
And since you mention it, concerning the starting point of the prescription time, isnt it the end of the year of study (even if payments were made afterwards towards a part of the fees) ?
I may be naive on this :P but given the peculiar nature of tuition fees I was wondering if that starting point could not be linked to the year of study (end or even beginning).

Concerning the Limitation Act (which I found at this address, I cant find anything in it concerning precisely tuition fees. Which section do you think is the most applicable then ?
By notout
#217590 it will very probbaly be 6 years from the last time you made payment or acknowledged the debt, every time you do either of those, the clock starts again and another 6 years has to go

do you have a problem paying it? have you discussed it with them?

many collegages have hardship funds that might help you
By manie
#217592 In fact, I am contesting my classification for fees. So I paid only part of the fees they claim I should pay.
The hardship fund cant do any good since I am not a student there any more (and even when I was they were apparently unable to use it for me).