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By notsosure
#216429 Hello
Hoping someone can give me some insight. I have defaulted on personal loan with an outstanding amount just above 10k gbp. The last address the bank has for me is here in Switzerland, though not current.
From what I've been reading on this forum (what a great resource!), it seems rather difficult to pursue someone living outside of the country and certainly outside the EU. Nonetheless, I have a few questions I haven't been able to find answers to here or searching the internet:
Does anyone know if the UK and Switz have reciprocal agreements in this?
Am I correct in understanding that the only way the debt could be pursued is if it was passed on to a Swiss debt collection agency?
Anyone been/in this situation and care to share what happened?
By rob6175
#216656 My understanding of this issue is that any unsecured lending is hard to collect outside the EU (inside not as hard but still not easy) as long as you have made payments previously and shown intent to repay. As it is not a criminal offence to be unable to service your debts and therefore other than threats they cannot pursue you legally, court orders etc outside the EU, other than with letters and the usual threats of action.

Obviously you need to think about chances of returning etc. My advise if there is a chance you'll return is raise some funds and offer them 35% full & final with a view to paying 50% if they play hard ball, make sure it is in writing before paying and send a bank draft. Then you have no worries whatever happens in the future!