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By Maz K
#206981 Dear Forum,

Firstly, Hi to everyone here and the advice people give is one reason why I decided to post on this forum.

I have lived in the Middle East (Lebanon) for about 4 years after leaving the UK with my wife and children.

Last year, I took a loan out (online) through my bank with which I have had dealings with for 20+ years. After about 4 months, I was unable to continue with payments. The bank has been writing to me and I have been ignoring the letters as I have no idea how to sort this out. The bank has now terminated the agreement and I am anxiously waiting to see what happens.

My wife doesn't know about this and I am also out of work. I have a very small income to live on while I find work.

My questions are;
Can the bank enforce a CCJ here? I have no UK address or any type of property back in the UK and have in effect left for good. My mail is redirected to my address abroad and the bank has my address abroad as well.
There are no collection agencies here so what can the bank do?
Should I register my home in my daughter's name just in case?
If only I took the loan out, is my wife liable in any way even if the account is in joint names? If not, should I register the house in her name?
I am really worried that they may use heavy-handed tactics because they may think they have less chance of recovering the money here than if they were in the UK.
The debt was for about £12k.

Thanks in advance,

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By JaneClack
#207040 I am afraid I do not know about the financial systems in the Lebanon but hopefully someone else will.

What I find strange is that if you have no links with the UK any longer - ie no address, no business dealings then why did the bank lend you money?

As you have been out of the country for more than 3 years you would not be able to declare yourself bankrupt unless you have some sort of centre of main interest here ie if you were employed by a UK company and paid through the UK. If not then you come under the laws of the country you live in.

Debts can be sold to collectors abroad but I really do not know whether there is any agreement with the Lebanon so you would need a Lebanese or English expert on this which I am afraid I am not.
By Maz K
#207086 Dear Sarah,

Thank you for replying.

I use internet banking as I still have accounts with a couple of UK banks and my brother deposits money in them as and when I send things from Lebanon to the UK.

I also transfer funds online etc and my brother also sends funds to my account in Lebanon.

I was surprised one day when I logged on to internet banking to find a message to say that I was eligible to apply for a loan and all I needed to do was to fill in a few boxes and hit the 'apply' button. I honestly thought I wouldn't be successful and it was a week later when I looked that I saw the money had been put in to my account a week earlier, the same day I applied!

I paid off about 5 monthly payments and I also took the payment protection at the time. After the 4th payment, the bank refused my payment protection option (I can't remember the reason they gave) but I made another payment anyway and due to unforeseen circumstances, left my job. I am currently looking for other work but it's really difficult. I have avoided contacting my bank and I get a letter every week or so but I am ignoring it as this kind of situation is not very common here and there's no one or no where to get advice.

I have been thinking about talking to my solicitor but this is something they don't deal with as I sort of hinted at this scenario to him and he didn't have a clue!

Thank you....