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By samuel99
#205664 Hi,

I have been surfing the net , and came a across a site that claim they could wipe out your debt , not by the normal IVA or DMP but through a claim that the "Credit Agreement" that you signed has flaws in it , thus being able to make the debt void and clear.

Is this legit ? has anyone heard of this before, they charge quite a fee upfront we makes me a bit dubious ?

Any thoughts appreciated
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By deej
#205665 anyone can ask for a copy of their credit agreement for a fee of just £1.
If the creditor does not have a copy, or the agreement is missing vital info such as the APR, signatures etc then it is unenforcable.
These companies are charging for what the consumer could do themselves if they wanted to.
These companies always seem to pop up when times are hard and people are struggling with debt, so they can take advantage and make loads of money.
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By Yogi Bear
#205668 Yeah, this particular practice (amongst others) was featured in Monday night's Panorama programme. There's an interesting little article here about the couple who did this, and about what happened to them!