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By Jay1948
#205211 I have had a Marbles card from HFC Bank for over ten years, never missed a payment, and have used it both in the UK and in France, where I now live. I got into financial difficulties last year and have been paying them and agreed £10 per month since then. In March this year I received a letter from them requesting a financial statement which I returned and was granted another 6 months at £10 per month.

Out of the blue I received a letter from a French debt recovery agency requesting the full amount of the balance (£10k) be paid immediately, plus their fees. I had no idea who these people were and after some investigation found out they were agents for Link Financial. I contacted Link and am currently paying them £10 per month for 6 months after refusing to deal with their French agent.

I also contacted HFC and they confirmed they had “passed on” the debt to Link. I have had no correspondence from HFC or Link regarding this matter.

As I am new to this game I wonder what my next steps are. Because I have held the credit card for so long I can no longer find the original agreement, should I write to HFC or Link requesting a copy of the assignment letter or the original agreement?

I understand that UK debt is not enforceable in France, that is to say Link cannot get a CCJ on a French address so I would prefer to keep the debt in the UK and deal directly with them.