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#203331 Hi I am new on here but I do follow the topics regularly.
I am in a real mess with money and living in France - I do hope somebody can advise.

Over the last few days I have had phone calls from a Debt company and also letters from them saying they are going to send bailliffs round to collect my car that has outstanding finance on it.
They did come to my home in France a couple of years ago but my husband sent them packing.
At the moment I have nothing to offer them and I need the car as I live so far out in the sticks and on my own with 2 young children (husband no longer with me).

Does anybody know what the laws are when living abroad with an outstanding credit agreement from the UK.
Should the Debt company be going through French courts for repossesion?
Do I have any rights to just send them away?

I am really scared. Any advice is much appreciated.

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