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By stressed and worried
#203259 Hi hope someone can help? Here goes:
Have been living in France now for 3 yrs husband works in the uk near enough all the time, we have debt of £3700 and are now struggling to make the repayments as husbands work has died in the uk he is self employed. I am very worried as I dont want to loose my house or move back to the UK. I am looking for work but my french isnt very good so finding it hard to land a job, husband has got the world on his shoulders atm.
We have tried to apply for an iva but the house isnt safe if we go down that road. we also cant get free debt management because husband isnt classed as uk resident.
Can anyone suggest any roads that we could go down?
Many thanks in advance
By Johnny Debt
#203325 I have to ask why you can not get debt management just because you are living outside of the UK?

I would have thought that a DMP would be the way to go on this one.

I take it that the house you own is in France?
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By deej
#203953 hiya
is the debt only 3700 or do you mean 37000?
3700 isnt alot on the scale of things, you could just send them an income and expenditure form and pay them a nominal amount each month.