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By Munchkin
#191041 I posted before. I'm in a DMP and I've moved to Dublin 3 months ago. I'm in negotiations about reducing payments as things aren't good. My creditors are corresponding with me at my new address so have it on file. I've finally managed to get all 3 creditors to update my files with my new address, even Lloyds after threatening to get Information Controller on their case.

My question is that my 2 creditors who are corresponding with me are sending the usual CCJ threat letters.

Am I right in thinking that as I am not resident in the UK any longer and that they have my new address and indeed have it on file (checked my internet banking for all 3), they cannot get a CCJ against me?

I understood that they can only file at your last known UK address if you have not informed them of your new address.

Can someone explain?