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By jimjones
#188765 I have a number of UK debts including one CCJ.

In Thailand I had a house and a car stolen and have been swindled out of a considerable amount of money by my Thai wife, which was going to service my debts. All the papers including the details of my CCJ have been destroyed.

I am living with friends and living a hand to mouth existence, whilst I try to regain my assets via the, long winded, Thai legal system.

I have written to what creditors I can explaining my position, and whilst some are being sympathetic to my plight, others are playing hard ball. The Co-Op bank have ignored all my letters and are blindly sending letters to my old address in the UK as well as piling up the charges, this week I had a letter from a debt collection agency forwarded to me. Amex started of sympathetically but changed their attitude overnight adding draconian charges and demanding immediate payment.

I have written to the County Court explaining the position asking that they notify the creditors, but I don't know if they have.

I cannot write to all creditors as all my papers, and laptop, have gone missing.

I am not trying to run away from my debts, as tempting as it seems, but feel I am being pushed into a corner.

Not really sure what my options are or indeed what are the options of my creditors.

Would be really grateful for any advice.
By everett
jimjones wrote:
I am not trying to run away from my debts, as tempting as it seems, but feel I am being pushed into a corner.

Why not ?
I would if I had the chance and thats for one reason and one reason only the major finance houses here in the UK don't give two Monkeys about your welfare.
Being in debt is worst than being a murderer in the eyes of the system.
The 7/7 plotters will be out before I pay off my DMP! Who is serving the life sentence here ?
I would hang low for 6 years, that way you will not have to re pay your debts anyway.
By debtone
#188789 everett, debt becomes 'Statue Barred' after 6 years as long as you have made NO CONTACT with your creditors in that period AND you have NO CCJs otherwise the debt would always remain on your records indefinately so with at least 1 ccj and who knows if the other creditors may seek a ccj within the next 6 years then jimjones may well have the debts on his credit files and creditors chasing him indefiantely.

Also who knows what will happen in future and laws may change and potentially in future UK creditors may be able to seek debt to foreign debt agencies abroad and in 6 years time instead of his debts becoming staute barred as you presume, actually he has thai debt collectors knocking on his door demanding payment.


I would suggest you consider going Bankrupt in the UK especially if you have the funds to fly back to the UK for a day and also the funds to cover the court fees. however you cannot petition for bankruptcy if you have been living abroad for longer than 3 years.

I went bankrupt last month and will be moving abroad soon and i think this was the best option for me so i dont have to worry about the debt and can start a new life abroad debt free.

If you dont have the funds now then can just ignore your creditors until you have sorted the legal case and/or able to raise the funds for bankruptcy.
By everett
#188796 Of course you are right, but I know plenty of people who have moved abroad to escape debt.
I see that Irwin Mitchell have offices in Spain now, they must be cottoning on.
By jimjones
#209505 Hi everyone, a bit of an update and a further request for advice.

I advised that I had been swindled out of a considerable amount of money, actually approaching £200k, and am fighting to get some of it back. My wife has already been in court faced with fraud and deception and faces more criminal charges, despite the threats to my life and a beating with baseball bat, I am not backing off.

I want to eventually pay off my creditors and have, perhaps nievely, kept them updated, most have been supportive.

LloydsTSB offered to accept 40% of the debt as a final offer, and whilst I would like to have taken them up on their offer, I just wasn't in a position to do so. They seem to have now worked their way through in-house and affiliated debt collectors, and now I am receiving letters from Allied International Credit, who seem to be a charming bunch of people, they are demanding that I now pay the full debt or they will pass on the papers to my country, Thailand, for action.

Can anybody answer a few questions for me:

Is Allied International Credit part of the LloydsTSB group?

If not should I assume they have purchased the debt or that they are acting for LloydsTSB?

If they have purchased the debt, can I find out how much for?

Is their comment that they are passing the debt onto my country an idle threat or can I look forward to another baseball bat beating?

As I said before it's very tempting to run away, but I really want to pay off my debts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.