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By Helly123
#188745 Hi everyone, I am new so I hope I am in the right area.
I have been really silly and need some advice. I had a business in the UK which failed due to bad payers etc, I am sure you know the rest. As my husband had left me I had to manage on my own and I ended up running up debts on my credit cards around 10K each, and a loan approx. £25K. Owing £71K unsecured in total. I couldnt keep up with payments and basically got ill through stress etc. The only assest I have is a house in Antigua, very small and modest which had been left to me by my grandfather. As the work I do is internet based I basically left the Uk after setting up my own repayment plan with my creditors - ie they did not agree but that is all I had. The business here has not been going so well so I have had to stop paying them all. I set up a mailbox before leaving, sold my stuff and came out here. Now I am scared. The house I have is worth approx £80K, just a bit more than the debts that I have, I dont want to leave here and return, I dont even have the money for a flight, just enough money for food and utilities for myself and my son aged 4.
I know you are thinking arent I lucky to live out here, well yes the sun shines, but it is just the same as the UK and it is hard as you are treated like outcasts by the locals ( I live in a local area - not the rich ex-pat type place). My question is this I intend to try and work hard here to get a job/ make my internet business suceed and resume payments to my creditors. Two of my (untrustworthy) relatives know I have this property, when my creditors find out about it will they take my home away from me and my son (aged 4). I am guessing from reading this site that because they have the mailbox they will have already taken me to court in my absence. But what will happen to us, will they take away our home.
If anyone can help I would really appreciate it as I cannot sleep at all. Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give me.
By Helly123
#188883 Thanks for your reply - but I thought from reading the forums that my creditors could sell a debt to a local company over here and then chase me. The law over here ( being a commonwealth country) seems to be very similar to the UK. Any help any one can give would be really appreciated as I am sick with worry.