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By harrydunn
#186404 Hi again, thanks for all those who viewed my earlier posts- I can understand how only a few were able to offer me advice.

Anyway my situation has changed, I have gained advice from CCCS and am looking at things differently now. Basically after a hard reflection on my debt and who I owe, we basically came to the conclusion that an IVA and debt management would be impossible after moving to Canada. He has suggested collection the CCJ's and then only paying a pound a month to each creditor, as my expenses/debt clearly shows I have no money.

He seems to thnik that bankcruptcy would not be seeked, as my debt is spread amongst five creditors and he dosent seem to think they would want the hassle.

I was scared of CCJ's previously but after having them explained, and perhaps a reality check on my situ- it does seem the best route.

I was wondering if anyone could offer there thoughts on this action, anyone who has shared a similar experience would be amazing.

My main concern is the impact of CCJ's in Canada. I know there is this recipricol agreement, but the guy at CCS doesnt seem to think it is a problem as there is little info, and he suggests its in place to recover larger debts. Larger then mine, that stands at £40,000. I do also owe a lot of money to family members.

Thanks again,