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By harrydunn
#185804 I keep reading about them, but what exactly do they mean?

I lived in Canada for about 10 mnths with my canadian girlfriend, we applied for and recieved a mortgage for a house in Canada- despite me having large debts. No questions were ever asked as to my immigration status, or any refernece to my banking details in England.

Unfortuantly I have had to return to england, waiting for my impending Permanent residence to come thro- then I will b back to Canada. However my debts are substantial in the UK, and I want to put an end to it in some way.

I am looking at an IVA, wthe the intention f sending money back to england whilst in Canada. Bankruptcy is the ideal route, but there are obvious conerns about the house in Canada. The house has mine, my girlfirneds and her dads name on the deeds to the house.

Basically I dont know what is the best way forward, if the IVA repayments hit anywhere near £400, it is goin to make life in Canada very hard. I do not know much about debt repayments, but the amount I owe would take many years to repay. And as for bankruptcy- your guess is as good as mine?

Please if anyone can other any words of wisdom, they really would be appreciated.

Many thanks