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By ian360
#181918 Hello guys,

Hopefully somebody on here might know the answer to this.

I have recently had contact with the CCCS regarding the current money problems that I have. I have been advised to go for individual bankruptcy but before doing so have been advised to get further information on the following:

I am a 34 years old, single, British citizen and currently owe about £18,000 to various credit card companies etc. However, I have been working overseas in Costa Rica for the past two years, but recently had a change in my circumstances (health problems / significant income reduction), making it impossible for me to continue repaying the debts that I have in the UK. In addition, I will be going back to Australia in about a months time (I am also a resident of Australia), and it is unlikely that I will be returning to the UK at any time in the future.

I am aware that when my filing for bankruptcy takes place, I will be assigned a day in court to take care of this, but obviously I will be unable to be there due to being overseas, so the gentleman who advised me this morning at the CCCS told me that he thought it was possible for me to assign a "power of attorney" to a family member or a friend in the UK who would be able to take care of the court day requirements on my behalf. I just wanted to check with you guys if this is actually possible, and if so, how do I go about taking care of this?

Thank you in advance,