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By bwat
#178809 am a US citizen living in Northern Ireland. I have two student loans totaling roughly $13,000 (one private, one from Sallie Mae) both of which have defaulted and been handed over to credit collection companies. I have tried to work with the companies, but they have now become so threatening and aggressive I can't even ascertain who I am speaking to when they call. They are threatening me with legal action, but I am not clear on how much power they would have since I am resident in a foreign country. I am married and a homeowner, and I am very worried about the potential impact legal action could have on my husband and mortgage. I can't seem to find a credit counseling company to help because of the international component. Any advice at all would be welcome, I am beginning to feel really harassed and frightened by the phone calls and the potential consequences but feel unable to enter into any repayment agreements due to the nature of my contact with the companies.

One of the loans said they would accept a payment of $3,700.00 to cancel the debt (which is $4,500) but it had to be by the end of the month. I couldn't afford that and wrote to them stating I would pay by the end of December, but there has been no response.
The other loan is for just over $8,000.00 (this is the Sallie Mae loan), however when they call I have no idea what company I am speaking to or how to contact them. I have asked them to give me information in writing but they refuse to do so.

Just to complicate things further...I only took out one of these loans (the $4500 one), the other was taken out in my name by my father. I didn't know about the loan until it defaulted and so I have no paperwork or information about it. I'm not even sure what the original amount of the loan was or anything.

I would be happy to get on a reasonable repayment plan for both of these debts - I feel like I am being haunted as an adult for decisions I made (and didn't make) as a teenager and I just want it out of my life. But I can't seem to find a credit management company able to take me on due to the complications.

I'm sorry if this is haphazard, there is so much to explain.