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By jjesman
#177337 Hello All. This is my maiden post on this informative board. Any advice is much appreciated.

This is my situation. I am living in England. I left Hong Kong in August 2005 with a bank loan of HK$80,000 and an unpaid credit card of about HK$30,000 totalling between HK$110,000 and HK$150,000. This is about 8000 pounds. It's your guess how much it is now after interest and charges. I had to leave Hong Kong suddenly due to the break up of my marriage and trying to rebuild my marriage here.

Now I have to return to Hong Kong in April to sort out property issues with regard to my divorce. So, that's about 2 years 8 months since I left Hong Kong.

Will I be stopped on entering the airport at immigration control? Does anyone know anything about debt collection procedures in Hong Kong? Will my details have been passed to immigration control so they can intercept me at the airport? I want to avoid any potential embarrassment at the airport. Once through, I can sell some assets there and pay them back.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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By TalbotWoods
#177344 Sorry but no one will be able to answer that on here, as the debt is covered by the law of applicable to Honk Kong, and this forum is only geared up for UK based debt.

However I would suggest an anonymous call to the embassy covering Honk Kong to find out / feel the water regards debt issues over there.

I appreciate that you may hold a UK passport (as Honk Kong is a former protectorate) but that will not absolve you from the law of that land.

Good luck in finding the answers you need

By jjesman
#177363 Hi Tim,

Thanks for the reply. Do you know anyone or have heard of any incidences around the world where people have been stopped at the airport for owing debt?

I remember reading a post from you saying it was a civil matter, so wouldn't be an issue at airports.

Has anyone else heard of anyone ever being stopped at airports for this reason?

Thanks All.
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By TalbotWoods
#177477 In some countries debt is a criminal matter, such as the UAE, if you have an unpaid debt there you can go to prison for several years.

However, we have never heard of this happening to anyone on this forum, but if debt is classed as a criminal offence in a country then yes it is possible, and before the next question is asked I have no ideas if a debt is a civil or criminal matte in HK.

By shilo507
#178205 debt in HK is a civil matter. HK Laws (including insolvency Laws) are closely based on the law of England and Wales.

You will have no problem entering HK. However, if you are declared bankrupt in HK the Official Receiver has the right to confiscate your passport. There are always many bankruptcies in HK due to property market collapses - property in HK is highly volatile with spectacular gains and losses in a very short time. Debt due to consumer over-indebtedness is rare as it very hard to get a loan, bank overdraft or credit card in HK. It is a wonderful example of a cash economy. Most HK bankruptcies are property related

The reason the OR in HK confiscates passports of HK residents is to prevent the many business people who ran up huge debts and then 'disappeared' across the border into China.

In short, you will have no problem entering HK - only leaving HK if you declare bankruptcy.
By jjesman
#179028 Thanks for the helpful advice. It's much appreciated.